Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Character: Heroine Costume Designs

All around, design number 1 on my series of costume designs for Kat seemed to be the overall favourite and Justin liked the hood idea that I incorporated into the costume design earlier. However, it seemed a bit too medieval thief-ish, so I attempted to make it appear a little more futuristic. I took particular inspiration from the hood of the character 'Tali'zorah nar rayya' from the Mass Effect RPG trilogy.

It was also suggested that I somehow incorporate the hood into the outfit.
The idea of the roman numerals 'IX' for the number nine was also a favoured idea and in order to avoid just slapping a 'IX' into the front of the chest, I decided to make the symbol look like a trio of claw marks which would flow seamlessly into the design of the suit.
I also created a version with the coat/robe design. Again, attempting to incorporate it seamlessly into the suit.