Sunday, 11 November 2012

Character: Further sidekick and villain exploration

After meeting with Justin after the latest character session, he suggested that I look into ways expand upon the background of my villain. 

We brainstormed and came up with the villain's origin of a lab cat who was being experimented on by scientists in order to unlock deep, psychic potential hidden within his brain (in this world where everyone is an anthropomorphic animal, feral animals like house cats are what chimpanzees are to humans). The experiment was a success, but it also resulted in him becoming fully sapient, highly intelligent, rapidly evolved into an anthropomorphic and killed off his creators. 

Seeking more power, he eventually founded a large crime ring and augmented himself into the core of the city. His crime ring, his lust for power, his greed and his influence in the city evolved into a city-wide dictatorship, ruling over its people through the media, surveillance and influencing its inhabitants actions with his own mind.


Overall, Justin was happy with what I had for the sidekick, but I felt I needed to explore him just that little bit more in order to get him perfect. I also needed a suitable name to go along with his 'mad hacker/engineer' charm. 'Issac Moulenovf' seemed appropriate.

I also began experimented with facial expressions.

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  1. Hey! I love your drawings of the cyborg cat, there is a real bouncer- henchmen look to him or an evil sinister side to the bottom drawing (sort of reminds me of the bad guy from space jam). Give yourself a pat on the back, I can see this idea going a long way :D