Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Character: Looking at Superhero Costumes

When I often think of superhero costumes and suits, I my mind automatically leans towards the brightly-colored, flamboyant get-ups of the golden age of comics that have stuck with the characters ever since. The spandex, brightly colored look, I thought, would definitely not fit the kind of universe that my heroine would be living in.

The dystopian city she inhabits is gritty, dark and set in a cyberpunk-themed future. I would need to find something that suits the era and theme while also attempting to make the costume look practical and enable the viewer to take the wearer seriously, so I looked at the superhero costumes of today and the super-themed outfits of today's sci-fi movies.

Here are some examples of these from the post-2000 era.

Nowadays, movie iterations of comic book superheroes have moved on from the flashy, flamboyant appearance of just plain spandex. Now, they look more like jumpsuits or second skins made of sturdy material. This is where I'm drawing my inspiration from.

Also, during those times when she may not be wearing her mask or hood, I've compiled a series of hairstyle variations. I may not be a hairstylist myself, but I do know a few things about what a character's hairstyle says about them.


  1. I like your new blog template! Much less distracting... :)

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