Monday, 5 November 2012

Character: Idea to turn my henchman into a sidekick.

I was beginning to have second thoughts about my henchman. I kept thinking to myself: "If Fat Cat has control over all surveillance, armed and emergency force, media, businesses and companies and politics in the city, why would he need a small droid to do his bidding when he can do anything at the touch of a button? The logic here seemed a little flawed until I got the idea to, instead, create a sidekick for my heroine. 

Since the villain has enough power and knowledge as it is, I would need something to give my heroine an upper hand against my villain. After watching the new James Bond 'Skyfall' movie and seeing the 'Quartermaster' (or 'Q' for short), I thought it would be a good idea to take some inspiration from that and make my sidekick a deft, highly-intelligent and twitchy young hacker. 

He has managed to evade the clutches of Fat Cat and bury himself in a makeshift, secluded, isolated, underground base, which is the perfect setting for him being an anthropomorphic mole. His mindset has a 'going against the system' type theme and he hacks for the good of the people, gathering intelligence and data to harass Fat Cat's plans, similar to what the hacktivist vigilante group 'Anonymous' does in real life in terms of protests and public messages.

Since they have the same mindset, he aids the heroine by gathering data and intelligence for her all while holstered up in his base and can initiate distractions while covering his virtual tracks from Fat Cat. He is initially daunted by the task of liberating the city--something which he has only dreamed of before.


  1. Just be cateful you don't end up with 'Morocco Mole!!' See here...