Thursday, 17 November 2011

Crypts of Kor: Final


  1. Hey Tom - by 'final' do you mean 'final'? As some of the elements feel they need bedding in a little more - for instance, the depiction of water, and also the tonal values on the statues seem a bit 'middle of the road' to me and could do with getting punchier.

    Also - lets see more Maya tutorials on here, Tom. Neither of us want a repeat of Unit 1 (and you still need to complete all those tutorials if you want to pass). You may love to draw - and it's fab that you do, but Maya puts the 'CG' in the course title, so you've got to engage with it and learn to love Maya too. I want to see Maya updates for both unit 1 and 2 on here asap.

  2. Hey Tom, great to see you ahead like this! But yes there is something about it that seems unfinished, I'll go ahead with my suggestions but I'm not exactly sure whether these are the issues.

    With regards to the water have you thought about that technique Phil showed us on the first week of this unit? The dragging the colours down from the top into the water to get reflections. Maybe this will be something you could discuss with Phil tomorrow and make extremely good use of the last class.

    About the light shining through the ceiling...would bits of this this bounce back off the ground and reflect off the statue itself and maybe the pillars nearby?

    Don't be afraid to add extremities with lighting and tones ect. you can always undo what you've done if it doesn't seem right, one of the great benefits of digital paint! :)

  3. I like the colour palette your using.