Monday, 7 November 2011

Possible concept idea for 3D short at the end of the course?

I know it seems early, but I couldn't resist but put this up here after hearing this piece of music:

I swear I fell into some sort of trance of inspiration after listening to this. :P

Now, try to imagine this and sync up your thoughts perfectly with the time intervals in the video. Your mind will be blown.

0:00 - 0:13: A single spark of imagination lights up in the blackness of a never ending void and creates a single flower. Its leaves flourish as the spark reaches the tip of the blossom.

0:13 - 0:40: The spark ignites in a glorious explosion of colour, branching off like a great tree into the void, creating stunning landscapes and sparking life into plants, trees and forming enormous mountains which stand tall and proud. The sky lights up in a bright shade of sapphire blue as clouds streak across the sky.

0:40 - 0:54: The camera switches to a view from orbit. The colourful spread of imagination slowly engulfs the surface like wildfire. After a while, the camera hurtles through the atmosphere back to the surface.

0:55 - 1:08: We drop down to a over-the-shoulder view of a branch of light as it hurtles over the landscape, spreading life and colour which zooms past the camera.

1:09-1:24: We switch to another camera which slowly pans over the now finished world, basking in its sheer beauty and glory.

1:25-2:15: The light suddenly hurtles upwards towards the sky, zipping through the atmosphere and out into space. We see the black void of space with nothing in it. We pan back to the colourful planet with darkness in the background. Everything but the planet seems completely lifeless... until...

2:16 - 2:58: The blackness suddenly EXPLODES with colour, spreading across space with a tie-dying effect. We see many, many beautiful patterns which also resemble galaxies and novas.

2:59 - 3:32: We switch to another over-shoulder view of the light. We can hear faint thunder as colourful dust swirls around it, briefly lighting up with the thunder as it creates the universe. spreading branches of light in its wake as cosmic clouds swirl around to form galaxies and planets

3:33 - 4:07: The camera slows down and pans away from the branch of light. We slowly move past the clouds of novas and other branches of light towards a lonely solar system. We cam past a star and down onto the planet Earth...

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