Tuesday, 22 November 2011

@Phil or anyone else

I can't figure out how to post on the group blog. I was looking to ask how I could make two sounds play at once in OpenOffice Impress (OpenOffice's version of PowerPoint) which lasts through multiple slides, like a piece of music and some ambiance while the slides play.


  1. Hi Tom, I can't answer the question on the whole Impress issue however I think the problems you are having with the group-blog may stem from the fact that all the first years are using one moniker ie: CGAA Class of 2011. I am unsure of how this has been set up so either speak to one of your colleagues (I know Anastos has posted) to point you in the right direction. Or collar Phil to fill you in. Oh make sure you are signed in to get the whole New Post options.

  2. Hey Tom - if you check your very first email correspondence from me - when I sent you the info about the blogs, I would have also sent you the password etc. for the group blog. If you email me - pgomm@ucreative.ac.uk - I can resend the info - or, anyone of your classmates can tell you in the meantime - consult your creative partner?