Thursday, 24 November 2011


Will the projection in the seminar/presentation room be able to project sound?


  1. Hi Tom - like I said - I'm really not sure. It's not my usual venue for crits (unlike lecture theatre 1). The only thing I can suggest is that you arrive sufficiently early for a try out if you're absolutely determined to soundtrack your presentation - but please bear in mind that we'll be moving quickly through all the presentations, keeping the pace brisk and the energy levels nice and high. Try not to fret too much about this sound thing, Tom; next semester, when we move into time-based media, you'll all be working with sound too.

  2. Okay, I'll try to arrive an hour early in order to attempt to get this sound thing sorted.

    The sound in my presentation, I think, is what makes a big part of it; the music near the end sets the mood for each of my pieces and gets everyone's imagination flowing.