Saturday, 5 November 2011

Influence Maps

INFLUENCE MAP 1: Caves and Depth
Here I looked at how I may be able to portray caves and depth within caves, studying which techniques were used to create these pieces. Despite what I thought with my newest Photoshop piece, distances further and further away from you, even while underground, get lighter and more misty.

My second piece will be based on an outdoor city overgrown with wild plantation, greenery and littered with ruins and rubble. The archetecture will have an almost angelic look to it.

 INFLUENCE MAP 3: Scale and Size
In order to make my pieces stunning, one strategy that I would be using would be to add a sense of epicness to he building and architecture in the form of vastness and sheer, mind-boggling size. When buildings get this large, one needs to look at them as a piece of landscape, not a piece of architecture.


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