Wednesday, 9 November 2011

@ Tom Beg

After talking with Phil in tutorial I had with him and a couple of others on Wednesday (since I failed this first project and had a complete mental breakdown. Argh. ), he mentioned that you're in on Monday mornings.

Since I now have to catch up with the work along with doing the new work on this new project, would it be possible to arrange some sort of weekly Maya session where you may be able to aid me with this Maya obstacle?

I know there are tutorials available to me, but they don't help all that much, mainly because they have no sound whatsoever and I feel I learn better from an audible, live source.


  1. Hey Tom,

    Apologies for not getting to this sooner.

    Yes, I can help you. I'm in Monday (all day pretty much) and Thursdays (However I'm not in tomorrow (the 10th) as I'm busy with MA related stuff). Anyways, we can go through some tutorials etc... You can usually find me sitting in the corner of the baseroom by the office...

    Email me at if you want a bit more clarity...

  2. I can also help with aspects of the film reviews and essay if you want i.e making sure referencing is all correct etc

  3. "The tutor who runs the Maya lessons talks at a hundred miles an hour--that's not enough time for me to clearly follow him through every step of the Maya task.)"

    Tom - not sure this is entirely appropriate to discuss your feelings about staff members on your blog. How about showing some courtesy perhaps and editing this post so that your criticism (which is not shared by everyone) is directed less personally? This isn't a suggestion, by the way...