Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thumbnails for last final piece

I had absolutely no idea what to do for my last piece after completing my other two, so I once again ready through the extract I was given and found that there was particular emphasis upon statues of angelic feminine figures with wings as central focuses to temples, parts of pillars, etc, so I doodled a few ideas for this...

What particularly got me going on this piece was when I Google-imaged 'winged woman', one of the images that came up was the Valkyrie from Norse legend which, in modern media, is commonly depicted with wings or the theme of wings, so I did further browsing through Norse themes.
A common theme with the Norse in media today is of their courage, heroism, pride and might so that was a good base theme for my piece to focus on.

Mountains are often seen as metaphors for might and the unbridled stone strength of nature.

 Since this piece's main focus are valkyrie and Norse themes, I thought that as a final touch, I'd give it a rainy setting in the middle of a thunderstorm as Thor, the Norse God of thunder, is perhaps the most well-known of Norse Gods today.

 Here's my final design layout.

Title: "Champion's Rest"

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