Tuesday, 8 November 2011

OGR Presentation

OGR Presentation

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  1. OGR 10/11/2011

    Tom - instead of wasting time expressing my frustration at your OGR - at what it is missing, at why it was late, at why, as a document designed to help me help you it is mostly useless - I want you to take a look at Steve Payne's OGR document and compare it with your own; I also want you to take a look at the feedback I was able to give Steve - because his OGR document served its purpose at this halfway stage.


    Obviously, I've seen in previous posts that you've got some nice stuff percolating through (though I want to see you pursuing different approaches to digital painting, as it's clear you're back to drawing meticulously with a pencil - even though that first photoshop painting 'without lines' was very promising) - and some thumbnails post OGR demonstrate that you're moving towards some decisions about overall style.

    In regard to the general topic of your assignment - Avatar - yes, fine - but you need to define production design and visual concept in general (as specialised terms) within the bounds of your assignment. I'd like to see evidence that you've read and understood the Production Design article/chapter available to you on myUCA/Space/Unit Materials - I don't just make these things available for my own amusement, you see - they're supposed to be useful and enlightening - and make your assignment task easier. Please read them - they'll help you define your terms.